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    Decompression Table,Spinal Decompression Table or Non surgical decompression Tables are all terms used for chiropractic decompression tables. Decompression Tables are used for patients that are suffering from back and neck pain.For Lumbar decompression these tables use a advanced belting system along with both static and intermittent traction ,that can be customized in different pull cyles.For the cervical Traction most of the tables use the Saunder' cervical traction device. These decompression tables are designed to be Hands Free Table but do require the patient to be monitored.  

How does a decompression table strengthen the spine to prevent a disc problem from coming back?

    It is true that spinal decompression using a table that causes axial distraction of the spine will give patients amazing, temporary pain relief. Decompression therapy is a very powerful tool, highly recommended and, when appropriately used, can help some disc patients who have experienced failure in all other systems, including traditional chiropractic.

     What type of rehab has been proven to be the most effective for spinal strengthening and curve correction in combo with spinal decompression?

     When it comes to rehabilitating the spine, certain specific factors must be considered and kept in the forefront of your mind. First of all, traditional, conventional rehab, which involves performing resistance exercises through a range of motion .These therapy's includes a rehabilitative protocol that can predictably rehydrate a degenerative disc.

Why Add Spinal Decompression Tables?

What have hundreds of your local colleagues and competitors figured out?


That you can add an additional $70,000 to $ 100,000 to your bottom line THIS YEAR by adding decompression therapy with decompression tables. Decompression tables bring NEW and TOTALLY different patients to your practice. The average case fee on the low side is $1500 to $1800 per patient with using decompression tables. DO THE MATH! One new patient a week can yield as much as $78,000 to your bottom line on the low side. What would $78,000 do to off-set any recession in your life? I know many of you have considered adding decompression tables to your practice in the past. Now is the time to re-examine decompression tables and this potent therapy.  Decompression Therapy with decompression tables will not interfere with your existing practice. Decompression tables are easily delegated, and the technique is easy to learn and implement. As long as you code the therapy compliantly there is reimbursement on both sides of the fence, insurance or cash.

"Success with a capital S. I can now get out of bed every morning without the fear of “excruciating” pain!!"

After 11 sessions on the decompression machine and one adjustment, and 2 massages, I have felt less pain than I have in about 5 years.

When I started the decompression treatment, I felt instant relief within the first two or three treatments.

After nine treatments I have been relieved of pain and I can sleep much better. I now have greater mobility and am much more capable of doing every day tasks